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Growing up with “Sang Cheong”, a family business in ginseng dried seafood, I used to help out at the store as ordered by my parents. Although I could only be of limited assistance to them, the time I spent at the store allowed me to witness how hard my parents worked and gave me the opportunity to learn their way of conducting business the right and honest way.

In 2020, after immersing myself in the coffee industry for 8 years, I decided to inherit my family brand and bring it to the world of coffee aroma. Given the complexity and depth of coffee art, I know I can never stop learning. Thanks to my parents, I have learnt to do things with passion. With the fervor that the next cup of coffee can always be better, I have been working hard and learning every single day in an attempt to satisfy my insatiable quest for knowledge about coffee beans and coffee making techniques.
At Sang Roastery, I hope to roast and share good coffee beans with you.

May the spirit of Sang Cheong live on with Sang Roastery~




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