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印尼 Indonesia

印尼 Indonesia

自 1711 年以來,印尼一直在出口咖啡,當時荷蘭東印度公司將第一批貨物從爪哇島(Java)運往歐洲。現在仍是一個重要的咖啡生產國——僅次於巴西、哥倫比亞和越南的世界第四大咖啡生產國,近年出產的咖啡亦越來越受各地業界認同。

印尼有名的是其傳統“Giling Basah”(“濕脫殼”)處理法:種植者在他們的農場手工去果肉後,短暫乾燥,然後在當地村莊市場出售或保持濕度(約 30-50% 的濕度)送到附近的收集站。與大多數國家不同,咖啡在出口前才去羊皮殼,去殼後重新乾燥,確保其狀態足以儲存而不會腐爛。這獨特的方法造就了罕有的味道,而許多人都覺得很美味。確實,印尼有能力根據地區和處理法,創造獨特的味道特徵,為精品咖啡市場提供優質的產品。

對於這個批次,所有的咖啡櫻桃都是由 Tumiro 和 Erna 在海拔 1600 米的地方收的。它們位於Kerinci山腳下(也是所有登山者的起點之一)。該地區被稱為 Giri Mulyo,位於北側,與茶園並排,所以產出的咖啡也有茶的味道特徵。

Indonesia has been exporting coffee since 1711, when the Dutch East India Company sent its first shipment from Java to Europe.  

Indonesia’s production was originally nearly 100% Arabica until, in the 1870s, coffee leaf rust decimated production. Farmers slowly replaced Arabica with Robusta, and today, although Indonesia is a significant coffee producing country – the fourth biggest in the world behind Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam – only around 25% of production is Arabica.

Many coffees from Indonesia are today processed using the fully washed method. However, traditionally the post harvest process of ‘Giling Basah’ (‘wet hulling’) is used. Growers hand-pulp their coffee at their farm, briefly dry it, and then offer it for sale at the local village market or deliver it very wet (around 30-50 percent humidity) to a collection station nearby. Unlike in most countries, where the coffee remains in parchment until it is milled just before export, the coffee is then hulled and re-dried until it is dry enough to store without rotting. The result is a unique cup profile that many people find delicious. Indeed, Indonesia has a great deal to offer the specialty market, with distinct and unique profiles depending on region and processing. 

For this lot, all the coffee cherries were harvested by Tumiro and Erna at an altitude of 1600m. They are located on the foot of Mountain Kerinci (also one of the starting points for all mountain climbers). The area is called Giri Mulyo, located on the north side and side by side with tea farms.

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