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Chemex® 是德國化學家Peter Schlumbohm博士於1941年發明。

Chemex® 咖啡壺由一塊硼矽酸玻璃(borosilicate glass)制成,比一般咖啡壺更為保溫;而他發明的Chemex® 專用濾紙更比普通濾紙厚20-30%,更能過濾咖啡油脂,味道比較乾淨,萃取咖啡風味的同時隔絕大部分的苦味或雜質,是容易操作、簡潔精美而耐看的咖啡用具。


沖泡比例:1比15 |20克咖啡豆加300克水

水溫:90 - 92℃

研磨粗幼度:3 - 4


1. 將Chemex®專用濾紙折疊好放入咖啡濾壺頂部,用少量熱水沾濕濾紙和咖啡壺,然後將水倒掉

2. 將20克咖啡粉放入濾紙,慢慢在中圈注入50克熱水,讓咖啡粉膨脹至00:50

3. 然後分三段式注水,慢慢由中間到外圍注入熱水至140克,熱水大約會在1:40流完

4. 繼續用同一方式注入熱水至220克,注水速度要比上一段快,熱水大約會在2:20流完

5. 最後快速注入熱水直到300克,讓熱水流完後便可享用

Chemex® 產品


Simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant design

The Chemex® coffee pot is made of a piece of borosilicate glass, which is more heat-retaining than ordinary coffee pots.

Patented CHEMEX® Bonded Filters - The thicker paper of the Chemex filters removes most of the coffee oils and makes coffee that is much "cleaner" than coffee brewed in other coffee-making systems. The "cleaner" cup extracts caffeine and flavor while removing bitter notes. 


Brewing ratio: 1:15 | 20g beans for 300g water 

Water temperature : 90 - 92℃

Grind size: 3 - 4 

Brew time: within 3 minutes

1. Fold the filter paper and put it on the top of the coffee filter pot, rinse the filter paper and the coffee pot with a small amount of hot water, and then pour out the water

2. Slowly pour 50g hot water in the center, and let the coffee powder bloom until 00:50

3. Then add water in three different stages, first slowly add water to 140g until 01:40

4. Then add water to 220g until 2:20, the pouring speed should be faster than step 3

5. Finally, pour the remaining hot water until 300g and let the drawdown complete

Chemex® products

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